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Hi from NCLC – Most dog owners land on this page searching for help working with their canine companions.  First, let me introduce myself, my name is Judy Nicholson and I am the owner of NCLC and I have been working with dogs in some type of capacity for over 40 years.  I help people train their dogs, so simply put, I train the trainer, which is “you”.  I go about this in several ways, I  teach group beginner classes in conjunction with Creedmoor Veterinary Clinic (located in N. Raleigh off Hwy. 98), or private 1:1 lessons either in your home or at the center in Franklinton.  These private lessons can include:

  • Behavior Modification (Unwanted behaviors)
  • Beginner lessons
  • Advanced obedience lessons
  • Tracking
  • Retrieving 

You can find more information about private lessons here.

I thoroughly enjoy working with owners and their companions and my approach to dog training is very simple.  All I need is you, your dog, a buckle collar, and leash (toys and or treats on occasion).  It’s my job to educate and inform you about how canine’s think.  How they learn.  How you can effectively interact with them in a fun, happy environment.  No dog is too young or too old.  I would be happy to talk with you about your goals or challenges with your dog, so feel free to give me a call at (919) 559-5945 or send me an email at